The Why

Even as a law school intern in the domestic violence unit of the Tarrant County
DA’s Office, Lesa Pamplin was preparing for this moment.

County Criminal Court 5 handles domestic violence cases. Lesa’s career-
from being a police officer to prosecutor and criminal defense attorney – has equipped her with the experience and different perspectives necessary to keep all of us safe by implementing a comprehensive, solutions-based approach.

Tarrant County Criminal
Court 5 handles only domestic
violence cases.

In 2020, Tarrant County
set a new record for the number
of residents who died from
domestic violence.

1 in 3 Texans will experience
domestic violence in
their lifetimes.

Domestic violence is
no respecter of persons, politics,
or economic status.
Domestic violence affects all.

Tarrant County citizens deserve
a judge with the right kind
of experience and a plan that will
keep all of us safe.

The How

Lesa understands that in order to impact the growing domestic violence issue in our county,
we must START with a comprehensive approach that focuses on:

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