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About Lesa Pamplin

Meet The Judge Of The Future Lesa Pamplin

Lesa Pamplin is a former police officer and a skilled attorney with over 24 years of experience as both a formidable county prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. She has built a reputation as an accomplished trial attorney. Her combined experience from all sides of the law is UNMATCHED and makes her the BEST AND ONLY CHOICE for Tarrant County Criminal Court #5 Judge.

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    Criminal Defense Attorney
Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Lesa has a wealth of courtroom knowledge that makes her the best choice for the County Criminal Court 5 judicial position. As an attorney who has both prosecuted and defended domestic violence matters, she truly understands the associated challenges, and her years of experience make her uniquely qualified to deliver justice with compassion and impartiality.


Enforcing The Law

As a police officer Lesa enforced the law and arrested of violators


Prosecuting Offenders

Prosecuting offenders as an Assistant District Attorney for Tarrant County


Obtaining Justice

Obtaining justice for the wrongfully accused as a criminal defense attorney

Our Ideology

We Walk Through Our Ideology

Lesa Pamplin brings a unique and broad perspective of criminal law and justice issues to Tarrant County -- having served as an integral part of the justice system for over 35 years.


Fair and Balanced


Safety and Security


Victim Resources


How You Can Help

Can you call your neighbors, knock on doors, educate your community about issues that matter? No action is too small. This is how we win.

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Lesa Pamplin Campaign Website Information